Max Richter - Flowers of Herself

‘Flowers of Herself’ soundtracks the opening 5 pages from Virginia Woolf’s 1925 opus Mrs Dalloway.

Studio Richter Mahr commissioned three film-makers : Annick Wolfers, Sebastien Recko & Samuel Recko to follow in her footsteps from Westminster to Bond St to buy the flowers herself.

Max Richter: “‘Flowers of Herself’ is about the energy of going through a bustling city. The piece has this perpetual motion a little bit like if you’re walking down the street, you’ll see a bus then you’ll see another bus in a different space so there’s a shifting of perspective. ‘Flowers for Herself’ is a celebration of London, the orchestra emulates a busy, vibrant city, fuelled by excitement and pace.”

Directed by Studio Richter Mahr
Edited by Matthias Maercks
Produced by Sean Adams
Animated text by Sabina Dallu