Annick Wolfers is a Photographer & Filmmaker based in east London.

Originally from a small town in rural Luxembourg, she trained in fine art - first in Strasbourg, France then later at St Martins in London.

Known for her painterly & ethereal imagery - her work switches seamlessly between photography & film, each part complimenting the other.

Interested in documenting the relationship between people & their natural environment, her personal project Common Ground, exploring the ecological importance of Wanstead Flats in East London, is currently displayed as a multimedia exhibition on billboards along Leytonstone High Road.

Clients (select) V&A, Sony, Universal, Subpop, Vogue Italia


JUNE 2024                               FORBIDDEN LAND // PHOTOBOOKCAFE ( LONDON) 

.                                                SHORTLISTED FOR THE EARTH PHOTO 24 PRIZE ORGANISED BY                                                           FORESTRY ENGLAND AND THE ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY 




COMMON GROUND is a multi-media outdoor exhibition documenting Wanstead Flats, a unique spot at the southern tip of Epping Forest, where the city meets the woods.

Large format photographs are displayed along the Leytonstone High Road & linked to short documentary films, accessed by QR codes. The media explores both the rich ecological importance of Wanstead Flats & the fascinating mix of people who use the area today.

The 1807 Epping Forest Act resulted from a mass protest here on The Flats & is credited with birthing the Conservation movement in the UK as well as the 'Right to Roam' Today the area is a vital green space in a big urban environment & is well loved by all that spend time there.

The images are part of my ongoing exploration of The Flats & really it is a collaboration between myself & the people that love the area and use this space on a daily basisResearching this project has been an fascinating journey that has changed & evolved as it went on. And in a time of deep ecological uncertainty it helped me reconnect to my local environment. The hope is that it will make people aware of this amazing space they have on their doorstep and inspire to further protect the area in future."